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We continuously work to design a safer and more sustainable environment for our clients, employees and colleagues, focusing on optimizing stakeholder value and increasing company’s extroversion and international competitiveness.

We also establish sustainable practices in our workplace, by improving energy efficiency, minimizing power consumption and reducing our dependence on paper. 


Core concepts of DAE’s strategy

  • Corporate Governance

DAE applies principles and rules to ensure the functional effectiveness in order to optimize stakeholder value.

  • Corporate Citizenship 

DAE engages in protection and support of social, civil and political rights.

  • Corporate Philanthropy 

DAE funds initiatives outside its direct business, such as donations and sponsorships.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

DAE integrates social and environmental concerns within its core business activity (e.g. management system ISO 14001).

  • Corporate Sustainability 

DAE's strategy is built around social and environmental considerations.