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High-rise building at Sofia - TAL1

High-rise office building at Sofia Bulgaria named TAL1. The building is foreseen to have 35 floors (total height 127 m) and 5 basements accommodating parking and EM spaces. In addition a separate mechanical parking building rests on an underground extention of basement floors. For economo-technical reasons the structural system is foreseen with high-strength concrete. The building will e founded on piles. A full final structural design was executed, following the conceptual design of Buro Happold. No construction work has commenced till now. 

Two more high rise buildings with code name TALOP and TALSHELL were designed at preliminary stage. These 2 buildings are located at the same area of Sofia and all 3 buildings have approximately the same number of floors and the same total height.

  • ProjectHigh-rise building at Sofia - TAL1
  • Date2008-2009
  • PlaceSOFIA- Todor Alexandrov Str
  • Budget (€)25,000,000