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Thessaloniki Concert Hall - Building M2

The building B occupies a total floor area of 9860 m2. It houses a Grand Hall for convention and theater with 800 spectators capacity with a Foyer, a smaller convention hall with Foyer, Music Library, Musical Instrument Museum, electromechanical spaces, storage and personnel spaces, restaurant-cafeteria, and underground parking of 227 cars capacity. The architectural concept design was executed by Arata Isozaki.

The building is founded on a general slab on piles. A special characteristic of the building is the roof of the Great Hall. Metal trusses bear a composite concrete slab as well as all the electromechanical equipment (lighting bridges, catwalks, etc. The slab on top is the floor of the open-air foyer of the second smaller convention hall. The elevation towards the sea does not have intermediate columns and is covered by a self-supported glass panel.

The building is analyzed totally using shell finite elements. A special problem during construction was the casting of a compact 80cm thick slab 15m above the previous already casted slab. A specific analysis of the suporting system was carried out and due to the fact that the slab beneath could not bear the loads, the supports were extended two floors below. 

  • ProjectThessaloniki Concert Hall - Building M2
  • Date2006-2007
  • OwnerThessaloniki Concert Hall Organization
  • PlaceThessaloniki
  • Budget (€)12,000,000