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Reconstruction of Ano Liossia Municipality

Reconstruction of the Ano Liossia Town, following the devastating earthquake of 7/9/1999. The earthquake resulted to loss of human life due to the collapse of several buildings. Especially at the 4 mostly damaged urban unities of the town (Centre, Agios Nikolaos, Drosoupoli and Limni) more than 20% of the buildings were considered as “red” (collapsed or damaged beyond any repair) and 40% of the buildings were rated as “yellow” (severally damaged but possibly repairable). In total more than 1100 buildings needed to be demolished and rebuilt in 190 building blocks.
The municipality of Ano Liossia has issued a program for the reconstruction of these 1100 buildings, together with the restoration of the infrastructure and the transformation of many roads to pedestrian pathways, improving thus the environment and the conditions of life for the citizens.
The company was responsible for the full project management of the project as well the architectural, structural and electromechanical design of all these 1100 totally different buildings.

  • ProjectReconstruction of Ano Liossia Municipality
  • Date2000-2005
  • EmployerAno Liossia Municipality
  • PlaceAno Liossia
  • Budget (€)130000000