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Panathinaikos FC New Stadium

The new stadium has a capacity of 40.000 spectators, and the total of the grandstands is covered by the roof. The buildings housing the auxiliary installations are made of concrete and bear the stands' system, comprising of cast-in-situ beams and precast reinforced concrete stands. At each of the 4 corners, concrete pylons bear the steel roof, which is also supported on the perimeter columns of the grandstands' buildings.

The stadium has a circular shape with external diameter 211.00 m. The steel roof consists of 4 statically independent parts, each one resting on a simply supported main space-truss beam and on the perimeter columns. Each space-truss arch-shaped beam is supported on the concrete pylon. The span of the large beam is 160m and of the small 110m. The pylons are founded on piles while the concrete buildings have a strip foundation.

  • ProjectPanathinaikos FC New Stadium
  • Date2008 - 2010
  • EmployerAktor S.A.
  • OwnerPanathinaikos FC
  • PlaceVotanikos, Athens
  • Budget (€)82,000,000