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1. SOFISTIK (Licenses: 2)

Construction Company: Sofistik  Software  fur  Statik  und  Konstruktion  GmbH

Munich - Germany

Support in Greece: Sofistik  Hellas Ltd 3rd September 56 - 10433 Athens


2. STAAD.Prο V8i (Licenses: 4)

Construction Company: Bentley Systems Corporate Headquarters United States

Support in Europe: Bentley Systems Europe B.V. The Netherlands


3. ETABS (Licenses: 1)

Construction Company: CSI Computers and Structures Inc. United States


4. SAFE (Licenses: 1)

Construction Company: CSI Computers and Structures Inc. United States


5. TEKLA STRUCTURES 15 (Licenses: 2)

Construction Company: Construsoft BV The Netherlands


6. AUTOCAD 2011/LT 2009 (Licenses: 2+14)

Construction Company: Autodesk Inc. USA

Support in Greece: Autodesk Hellas Α.Ε.


7. MASTER 7 (Licenses: 14)

Construction Company : LH Logismiki, Athens 


8. TEKTON 7 (Licenses: 18)

Construction Company : LH Logismiki, Athens



• Beton express Runet Software  Design of concrete slabs, beams, columns, retaining walls and footings.

• Wood express Runet Software Design of wooden sections, roofs and floorings with connection check.

• Frame 2D express Runet Software Analysis of simple 2D frames.

• COP 2005R02 Calculation of steel connections 

• Power Connect V. Program for calculation of steel connections

• ECPraxis 3J 7.0 Calculation of steel connections

• Special self-written applications for:

Analysis and reinforcement of random shape concrete sections.

Foundation with footings and supporting beams.

Design of steel sections, under different force situations.

Analysis of steel sections connections.

Design of wooden sections.

Analysis of wooden sections connections


10. ΜΙCROSOFT OFFICE for Windows 2003-2010



Program for Time schedule and Time and Economic Follow-up of projects.

Construction Company: Primavera Software Inc.